Halls of Frescoes

Like in a museum.

It is the illustrative sentence that contains the history of the halls at Villa Pulejo. The frescoes, like the ancient paintings, have remained unchanged since 1880.

The ceiling frescoes depicting a sky in the middle surrounded by green branches and a bird in flight with a bay leaf in the mouth.

In the four corners of the ceiling they depict the medallions inspired by the game, fish, flowers and fruit, and beverages such as wine, spirits and coffee.

The dining rooms have maintained the original form of the nineteenth century.

By the same, you can observe the historic Italian garden surrounded by boxwood hedges.

In each room, the furnishings have maintained an historic residence of the nineteenth-century origin, as well as the paintings in evidence, some of which depict the founding of the Villa itself.

The halls nineteenth-century interiors can also be reserved for weddings and exclusive events in a unique setting.