Italian Garden

The Italian garden boasts late Renaissance origins and consists of green grassed. Inside the flower beds, there are four of rare beauty palms, great charm for height magnificence. At the center of the garden, we find the clear mention of a fountain designed by a student of Montorsoli built around 1860, full of flowers, which lights up when the sky has the color of the night. The garden hedges are made of boxwood, while the white pebble flooring. Particularly important to the entrance corridor that surrounds the fountain, since made of black and white river stones with a beautiful ornamental design mosaic. On either side of that garden, it is the gazebo covered with climbing plants that frame the great natural beauty of the garden itself. Facing down the corridor that divides the whole garden, we find the Avenue of Lemons, an expanse of green lawn where they grow lemons from Sicily in our nature park that leads to the relaxation area.