Magnolia Park

In the Magnolia Park that rises inside Villa Pulejo, it is a real green oasis surrounded by gardens and trees of rare beauty: in the lawn, in fact, possible to observe a series of secular trees among which, for majesty, a Ficus Magnolioides (called “Magnolia”) that was planted in honor of Garibaldi’s landing in Sicily in 1860 by the owner of the land and builder of the Villa, Francesco Lella, Consul of the Kingdom of Sardinia, ancestor of Pulejo Family.

In addition to Magnolia, it becomes historical find, we find among the other trees and plants of great importance, including yuccas and strelitzias giants. At the center of the lawn it is also an old well, became a tank of water and around it in black and white stone decorations.

The lawn area adjacent to the stately Magnolia, as well as being visually stunning, is an ideal venue for exclusive events and to gather the energies of multi roots, breathing in the cooler air and healthy nature.

Parco della Magnolia